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Do have a look at some of the photographs I have shared here! These have been taken at different places of North East India over a period of time.

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Unsure times!

Have you too wondered why is a raven like a writing desk?! Well, funny as it sounds and rather nonsensical are the ways of the world now a days. Choosing a career in research can often be a real dilemma for some while others bask in the golden rays of their chosen field. Lucky are those who are happy.

‘Know Thyself’- the Upanishads say. Indeed, it is the knowledge of self which makes all the difference to a person’s life. Knowing what you are and also where you are good at is pivotal in almost all aspects of life. Especially in making decisions. But there is a small twist to the tale. How would you know if you’re good at something unless you have experienced/tried it? To me, it is of utmost significance.

Coming back to research. Thanks to the inter disciplinary nature of today’s research that people from different fields can participate in analyzing/solving a common problem. Looking at biological problems in a holistic way has made it possible to integrate different knowledge bases.

The quest remains all the same! To understand yourself and the world around you.

Arunabh Sharma

CSIR -OSDD Research Unit, SID

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-12